Crank Type Shock Dynos

  • Custom and hand-built to order

  • Fully Tested, Calibrated and Operated prior to shipment
  • Variable speed with multiple strokes
  • Zero-lash belt drive system
  • Full 16-bit data acquisition
  • Greatly improved beyond the Roehrig Engineering VS design

Computer Specs

Dell (or similar main-stream (HP)) laptop of INTEL 8th Generation i7 (or more) with Multi-core processor

  • 12 GB RAM (or more!)

  • Solid State hard drive – SS

  • Win10/11 and 64 bit are required

LA Series – Electric Linear Actuators

  • Electric Linear Actuators – LA

  • Ironless motors for superior frequency response
  • “Any” wave form technology
  • Variable Sine-Wave testing ideal for bicycle, motorcycle and 4×4
  • Constant velocity – Triangle wave for true damping characterization

LA “8” series with 8″ travel

LA “10” series with 10″ of travel

LA “E” series Extended travel

Matrix of CTW Shock Dyno Machines – Forces, Strokes, Velocities

CTW Automation Shock Dyno matrix for crank type machines

RD3 vs. RD2 Force Curves for Damper Testing


Force Curve Imperical


Force Curve Metric