• 4,500 lbs. / 20kN – Force
  • 17″ / 430mm – Travel

The CTW SR-17 Spring Rater uses CTW-Probe Analysis software to allow the user to create and run Tests designed for developing a Rate curve of the given specimen. The User is able to test in the force or the displacement range simply by selecting the desired peak force or peak displacement. The spring is compressed and extended using a constant-velocity input so that data can be collected and viewed in both directions of motion. Various Rate graphs are supplied, Rate vs Force and Rate vs Displacement, as well as a Force vs Displacement graph are all standard. A numerical report is also standard of the software. Because data is collected in both directions, the User can also view and quantify any hysteresis in the spring, coil or elastomer.

Standard system includes (2) spring platens that attach to the load cell thread on top and the actuator on the bottom. These can fit a 1” /25 mm ID spring and up to 6.375” / 162 mm OD. The upper platen can be removed by unscrewing from the load cell stud. The lower platen bolts onto the lower assembly.

Options include:

(1) set of ½” eyelet clevis fixtures for use with a rod end type dampers. This allows for rating the spring on a coil over assembly.

Additional displacement using a string pot to be able to “spring smash”! Allows the User to get eye-to-eye lengths and loads.

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