an introduction to CTW Automation Inc.

CTW Automation Inc. (CTW) designs, manufactures and sells a complete line of shock dynos based on a crank and scotch-yoke design to develop a pure and simple sinewave input. These range from 2HP to 20HP machines and will meet a wide range of damper testing needs across a variety of strokes and speeds.

CTW also manufactures a full line of electric linear actuators (LA) utilizing the finest ironless motors in the industry. These LA systems can run industry standard Sine and Triangle wave inputs as well as Custom, user defined, wave forms including track data playback.

These machines are primarily used to test shock absorbers in a wide variety of ways. This includes simple single speed testing, to multiple speeds, PVP, temperature based, production, R&D, real time and much more. We sell to the Friday-night racer, multi-car racing teams, damper manufactures, service centers and basically anyone and anything with a damper including:

  • Racing – any and all from F1 to NASCAR, Dirt to Asphalt, Arena to Trail
  • From Industrial complexes to the Friday night racer working in his own garage
  • Industry, R&D and Testing facilities
  • Ride Development trailers and at the track units
  • Manufactures and service centers
  • OEM and aftermarket brands
  • Motorcycles, Motocross, and bicycles
  • Off road trucks, 4×4 and side-by-side
  • Helicopters, lawn mowers and solar panels
  • Artificial joint testing

While we started in 2016, we have a heritage that goes all the way back to 1991. Our heritage, growing out of Roehrig Engineering Inc., makes CTW fully capable of servicing all types of shock dyno, EMA and spring testing equipment sold by Roehrig Engineering. We can even update and upgrade your equipment to the next generation of CTW Shock Testing and Control Software.

Follow link for more history of CTW and Roehrig Engineering…History of CTW Automation

CTW Automation

Our Members

Scott Treichler / President

Michael “Dover” Kadlecik / Vice President

Scott Perman / Head Engineer

Bryan Pittman / Sr. Electrical Engineer

Chris Bristol / Engineer

Zach Sink / Construction

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