The history of Kurt Roehrig and Roehrig Engineering

Kurt Roehrig
Kurt Roehrig with one of his Shock dynos
Roehrig Lexington
Kurt Roehrig and a very early shock dyno

Kurt Roehrig brought the shock dyno to market and changed the way people tuned their race cars using shock absorbers. In doing this, Kurt advanced the world of racing (the shock dyno as a measuring tool), created a whole new category of racer (the “shock guy”) and allowed for the expansion and development of the take apart shock absorber. While other people made a shock dyno, these were for industry or personal use and not brought to market in a way that a person or team could buy one. Ken Anderson was also an early pioneer of the shock dyno, but in the end Roehrig Engineering became the global leader. Kurt Roehrig moved us from guessing about what our “shock” was doing, even if it worked at all to tuning, developing and creating whole new fields of shock absorber design and understanding. What was once the dominion of the manufactures, was now a normal part of local Friday night racers!


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