Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Computer specifications needed for using CTW Probe software

  • Dell (or similar main-stream (HP)) laptop of INTEL 8th Generation i7 (or more) with Multi-core processor
  • 12 GB RAM (or more!)
  • Solid State hard drive – SS
  • Win10/11 and 64 bit are required
  • Three USB ports or a quality USB hub

FAQ – How to add significant figures to items in CTW Probe software. example – rod diameter

                     PDF link to Significant Figures: 

FAQ – How to use the Import CSV feature to create a target graph.

                     PDF link to Import CSV description: 

FAQ – General dyno maintenance and grease.

                     Page from Shock Dyno manual 

FAQ – How to turn off Computer and USB power savings.

                     Computer Power Savings – turn off 

FAQ – How to update the PMD data card

                    How to update the PMD data card

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