“CTW, thank you!”

After weeks of being very frustrated I was pointed in this direction. In a matter of days I have a completely updated roehrig 3vs. If you want good service on your existing Dyno this is the place. Ahhhh, all is right with the world again! CTW, thank you! My Wife, kids, and anyone else that crossed my path while my machine was down also thanks you!

Some Kind Words From Our Customers

CTW Automation provides the finest service in the industry.

We back up everything we sell with the knowledge and expertise you need to not only keep testing but to understand the data and what you are seeing on the screen.

Already have a dyno or spring tester? No problem, we can help.  Using a powerful remote access program and years of experience, we can get you running again or maybe just help with a problem.  Keeping up with Windows changes can be hard enough when what you really want is to know why the compression cycle looks like it does.

We are also able to help with your Roehrig Engineering shock dyno and spring rater.  Having worked for Kurt Roehrig for up to 20+ years, we have the knowledge to help you with your equipment and software.

Technical Explanations:

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