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Previous versions of CTW Probe software


  • Probe – April 2022

    • User story 4489 ** Delete entry PVPs from the Test data tab. When grouping is in use, entire groups can now be deleted. To delete PVPs, make sure files are grouped by file name or file path fields.
    • Bug 4493 ** Resolve PVP validation of gas pressure and rod force
    • Bug 4495 ** Resolve issue with LA/A3200 invalid variable wave parameter being specified.
    • Bug 4504 ** Resolve error with “unknown voltage specification” in the configuration of LA HV data cards.
    • Bug 4526 ** Improve performance and ease of use of multiple selections with control and shift leys in legend.
    • Bug 4529 ** Fix the issue where a non-US customer could be stuck in metric units on restart.
    • Bug 4533 ** Resolve issue with settings zip file importation
    • Bug 4558 ** Resolve issue where the export feature would be disabled in particular circumstances
    • Bug 4562 ** Print fields are no longer sorted on print to emulate display throughout Probe.
    • Bug 4563 ** Test editor, resolve an issue with the change to fieldset not updating test edit status.
    • Bug 4564 ** Fill from the last test is no longer restricted to files of the same fieldset.
  • Probe March 2022

    • Bug 4551 ** Measure stroke doesn’t update until the configuration is saved. Stroke is correctly saved automatically.
    • Bug 4517 ** Improve clipping on bad data to show data if it cannot be clipped properly.
    • Bug 4553 ** Vastly improve show/hide of multiple plots
    • Bug 4549/4510 ** Fix issues with USB datacard occasionally hanging
    • Bug 4543 ** Fix cursor not tracking properly
    • Bug 4541 ** Fix several AppCEnter reported crashes to improve performance and reliability.
    • Bug 4537 ** Fix CSV export only exporting in US units.
    • Bug 4333 ** Fix some setting zip file not recognized by Probe during settings import.
    • Bug 4329 ** Fix issue where non-US customer could be stuck in metric units on restart
    • Bug 4505 ** Resolve HS LA USB vs. A3200 data shift issue
    • Bug 4432 ** Improve Shift/Ctl keys legend item selection
    • Bug 4523 ** Cleanup potential memory leaks

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