PLUG and PLAY fully-electric ironless servo-motion testing systems.

Due to travel restrictions, CTW Automation was able to fully understand one of the amazing features of its line of electric actuators; they are plug-n-play systems. The User only needs to apply power and they are ready to Test.

The background story is CTW sold a very large, $100K++ electric linear actuator system (LA48) to our good friends and distributors in Japan, Enable. Because of all the restrictions on travel we were not able to go onsite for the install and training. What we discovered is that they were able to do the install, get it running and begin using it without any direct, in-person, help. The system is truly PLUG-and-PLAY, just add power.

And because of their personal, they were able to extract features and uses far beyond the normal operation. While CTW has a full YouTube channel of videos and a Manual for the reading types, some of the features simply take a bit more knowledge and use. But we now know, it is possible to ship a full system around the world and know the customer can be running quickly and efficiently in a short amount of time.

Direct from our FB page:

“Sharing a post by one of our customers. It demonstrates a few things not readily apparent but amazing none the less.

  1. We shipped this very expensive linear actuator to this customer and they got it up and running without CTW having to go onsite. It demonstrates that our systems are complete, ready to go and PLUG-N-PLAY, just add power.
  2. Due to Covid travel restrictions, we are not yet allowed to visit for training and yet, this customer is using the system to its full potential using our videos, manuals and just common sense.
  3. The power of the CTW Probe software is such that it does expand the User’s ability to Test. It was built and designed based on all the things the owner’s of CTW learned from past experiences and it opens up the possibilities of testing.
  4. And we have not stopped advancing what it can do. We have released (3) versions in the last 6 months and there is another one on the way.

CTW Automation is your home for testing, even if you have not yet arrived.”

Full Line of Testing Equipment

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