2024 May – End of Line Testing RD Automated Series

            CTW Automation completes its first fully automated machine: installed, trained, and operating!

This machine puts CTW in place to offer End of Line Testing for any manufacturer around the world.

RD Automated Series – End of Line Testing

The RD Automated Series features

  • Uses the CTW RD series of crank-type damper dyno for fast and repeatable results over and over.
  • Barcode / QR code reader linked to active databases to write to and update using unique ID’s and part number serialization.
  • Database in CSV format for the most versatile information accepted around the world and easily used and maintained.
  • Unique model numbers linked to QR code and stored in Access database for industry standard use and support.
  • Automated grippers, upper and lower for quickly securing damper.
  • Interchangeable fixturing to fit any style damper-end along with ability to add more styles to meet a growing line of products.
  • Automated raise / lower crossbar with two (2) speeds that are preprogrammed for install height and preload positions.
  • Automated clamp / unclamp crossbar for quick and positive specimen capture.
  • Batch Testing ability for repeated use to work through a long run of parts.
  • Cycle times around 50 seconds based on a Test with Rod Force and three (3) speeds, complete from loading the part to loading the next.
  • Pass / Fail Validation of Forces at speed along with Rod Force, Gas pressure and shaft diameter as well as other user defined constants.
  • Part capture in case of Failure. Re-Testing enabled with password protection for floor manager.
  • PLC controls for fast, efficient, and repeatable controls allowing for long term operation.
  • Communication with CTW Probe Software for validation and Test creation. As well as ability to open saved data files for viewing.
  • User defined Part Creation for making new parts and continually growing the possibilities.
  • Remote access for support and additional training when needed.
  • YouTube Video 

PLC screen examples

Main Start Screen and Auto Mode Running Screen

Part Data Screen for New Part


Worldwide Dealers for CTW Products

Australia –

Performance Wholesale Australia

6 Cronulla Court

Slacks Creek, QLD 4127

Ph: +61 7 38081986

Email: sales@pwa-au.com.au

Website: https://www.performancewholesale.com.au/


Queensland Speedway Spares

2 Cronulla Court

Slacks Creek, QLD 4127

Ph: +61 7 38084333

Email: qss@pwa-qss.com

Website: https://www.speedwayspares.com.au/


Japan –


224-1 Haneo, Odawara, Kanagawa 256-0804

Contact sales: Shingo Sobu

Ph: +81-465-46-7408

Email: info@enable-apg.jp

Website: https://www.enable-apg.jp/


China –

Shenzhen Lynag Technology Co., Ltd


Ph: +86-0755-28507276

Email: info@lynag.com

Website: www.lynag.com


India –

Tii Techno Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

403, Mariegold Building, Neco Gardens

Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, India

web: www.ti-india.com

email: ram@ti-india.com


All CTW Automation products come with:

* 1-year warranty

* 1-year Support contract that allows the owner to have unlimited phone, e-mail, and TeamViewer remote access so that CTW can make sure you have the answers to questions quickly and easily. These can also be purchased by current Roehrig dyno owners as we can help with those as well.

Places to find CTW Automation….

Website: www.CTWAutomation.com

Facebook: fb – CTW Automation

Facebook CTW Group: CTW Automation – Shock and Damper Dyno Group

  • For the advanced user and common questions

YouTube: CTW YouTube

  • Home for training videos
  • Demonstrations and teaching

Instagram: ctw_automation

Sales:  sales@ctwautomation.com

Support:  support@ctwautomation.com

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