It has been a great year here at CTW Automation and we want to wrap it up with this newsletter to keep you all up to date.

  • CTW Probe Software: CTW released (2) updates to CTW Probe, the most advanced shock dyno software on the market. As we detailed in the last newsletter, it has moved far beyond Shock6 and is giving the users so much more. Make sure to keep up to date to take advantage of the new features that come to market. The two (2) biggest and well received additions have been the ability to open a Roehrig Shock6 data file directly in Probe and the PVP Validation option which is part of the CTW Pro software.

Stay tuned to FB, Instagram, and website for release of the next version within 30 days!!

  • End of Line Test System: We are finishing our first fully automated machine that will take CTW into the End of the Line Test Systems. It starts with reading a bar code, creating a database, securely gripping, and holding a damper, preloading the crossbar and locking in place, followed by a multi-speed test with Validation of the forces and updating to the database. Wow! All under 6o seconds. This opens CTW to future projects incorporating electric linear actuators for even faster cycle times.
    • Barcode reading and Database of information and test results
    • User defined preload of crossbar with clamping and unclamping
    • Multi-Speed Testing with PVP Validation
    • Uses PLC controls mated to CTW Probe software to give the User a graphic interface while automating the loading/unloading of the specimen.
Fully Automated End of Line Test System
  • Hardware in the Loop: CTW is working to complete our first Hardware in the Loop project in conjunction with a very large customer. This was a joint project with CTW providing the inputs and outputs to feed into the customer’s proprietary software package to produce an extremely low latency result. More to come on this in 2024.
  • Expanding in India with Tii: We added a partnership In India to sell our CTW products. Tii already knows test equipment and they allow CTW to enter India with an established and well known business partner. They also will get the support of our Support and Service Group to take care of the Roehrig customers that have been left abandoned.Tii Techno Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
    403, Mariegold Building,
    Neco GardensViman Nagar,
    Pune 11014 India
  • No Turn Clevis: We even designed a unique clevis that no longer needs to turn the damper in order to secure. Driven by a customer request, we solved the problem of having a damper with a fixed canister that will simply not rotate inside the columns. This can also be used with dampers that are extremely hard to rotate due to large gas pressure or seals! We have these in stock now.
  • CTW 1-Year Support Contract – Price increase in 2024 – Renew before end of year
    • Every new dyno we sell comes with a full year of support and service to ensure you get everything you need to get up and running. You get phone, e-mail and the ability for direct, remote help using TeamViewer program. We can literally run your dyno, online using your computer. We can teach you the basics or show you the more advanced features you need to go to the next level.
    • We can help you read the graphs you generate when Testing.
    • We are here to help with the many Windows updates and the chaos they bring.
    • We can help to get you up and running on a new laptop after dropping your old one in the dirt, in the rain or any other catastrophe that comes in everyday life.
    • It helps CTW continue to add to, develop and update CTW Probe to make your testing life and experience better, faster and more successful!

In general, this Support makes sure you get everything you need to run and use your shock dyno. Now, after the year ends, we ask that when you need help, usually at the worst time, you continue to sign up and renew your Support contract. It buys you peace of mind when the time comes you really need to get running again.

Support Contract - CTW Automation
  • CTW will be at the Tulsa Shootout
    • CTW’s own, Thomas Walker will be on site with our latest RD2 shock dyno. When you get the chance, stop by and he will show you the many features that make the CTW shock dynos better than the old standard that was Roehrig. He can demonstrate the CTW Probe software and dyno your shocks for freeeee!!! And if you are still wanting more, he can show you some of the advanced features in Probe that give you more data and greater insight into your shocks.
Visit the CTW Automation

And for the most fun you can have with $100.0, CTW is raffling a new RD2. This is active now!!

Follow on FaceBook for updates. Certain restrictions apply outside the US and Canada.

RD2 Raffle

Worldwide Dealers for CTW Products


Performance Wholesale Australia

6 Cronulla Court
Slacks Creek, QLD 4127
Ph: +61 7 38081986

2 Cronulla Court
Slacks Creek, QLD 4127
Ph: +61 7 38084333



Shenzhen Lynag Technology Co., Ltd





224-1 Haneo, Odawara

Kanagawa 256-0804 Japan

Contact sales: Shingo Sobu
Ph: +81-465-46-7408


Tii Techno Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

403, Mariegold Building, Neco Gardens

Viman Nagar, Pune 411014 India



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