There is a lot going on at CTW Automation and we wanted to share some of what is going on to keep you informed and up to date.

We will use this News Letter to help in that regard and let you know when things like new software updates are available, what new technologies we have and various other items of interest.

CTW new employee – Chris Bristol

Based on the high demand for our products and Chris’s familiarity with these types of machines, it was an easy decision to make for CTW.

Chris was a long time Roehrig Engineering employee and all of us here at CTW worked with him there so it is a good fit.

Currently he is helping with mechanical builds of the machines and will eventually move into the calibration and service end as well.

Many of you may have worked with him over the phone and through e-mail at Roehrig as he was the person in charge of the EMA production and calibration.

Employee - Chris Bristol


Employee - Chris Brystol

The RD7.5 and RD10 ship out to customers

RD7.5 and RD10 Ship Out

This week we finished up work on (2) of our latest model designs, the RD7.5 and the RD10.

These machines are for serious testing as they are based on 7.5 and 10 HP motors.

The idea of the RD7.5 was to build a machine that could run to higher velocities and utilize a longer stroke than the other table top units.

This helps CTW fit into the motorcycle and bicycle market at a reasonable retail price.

Obviously, we will be updating our product details on our website to include real performance curves based on actual damper testing.

And we have also been sharing information on our FB page as well as the CTW Group Shock page on fb.

CTW Automation enters the world of Linear Actuators

LA Series

This exciting news was first shared on our fb page to let the world know we have made a high performance linear actuator that can move you beyond the sine wave.

We will be publishing more details in the coming weeks as we fully exercise this machine and verify its capabilities.

And we will be offering it in various configurations based on force and stroke and will be able to deliver to the customer an actuator that fits their needs.

The LA48 is shown with its power cabinet to the right and this model is capable of over 4,300 lbf., with 8 inches of useable travel and velocities beyond 180 in/sec.

The world awaits your testing demands.

CTW Probe Analysis Software – next release

Probe Analysis Software

The next release of CTW Probe Software will be coming in May.

We will announce the release in the next News letter and CTW customers will be able to go the “Check for updates” button in their software to get the latest release.

It should have many new features and continue to address the short comings of the current software.

We hope to be bringing:

  • Live Data screen with User activated data capture
  • Live Data saving – allowing the User to save selected runs
  • Multi-point gas test
  • Shaft diameter integration – allowing service centers easy ways to keep up

CTW will be publishing a monthly News Letter for all of customers and friends to stay up to date with what we are doing and where we are going with our products and technologies.

If you want to be included on the next mass mailing let us know.

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