CTW Automation has completed its first upgrade of an existing Roehrig Engineering 2K EMA – linear actuator.

We kept the basic actuator and did a full upgrade to CTW-Motion. This includes encoder, motion controller, amplifiers and software leading to a far superior machine than when we started. The result was more than we expected and allows for all Roehrig customers to breath new life into their old machines.

The new capablities include:

  • Increased velocity capability of over 5.0 met/sec
  • Increased force through better power delivery
  • Increased postion accuracy on a scale of 5X
  • Corresponding increase in velocity accuracy which follows
  • Windows 10 computer platform for modern IT systems
  • CTW Probe for LA ( Linear actuators) which includes multi-threading for greater flexability
Roehrig 2K EMA Upgrade

Call(336-542-5252) or e-mail(Michael@ctwautomation.com) to see what we can do for your Roehrig machines.

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