The second Newsletter from CTW Automation is here and the time just keeps flying by and when we measure it we get just over 5.60 met/sec (see LA48 news release for more). Sales continue to move us close in on 100 units including multiple linear actuators.

CTW new employee – Bryan Pittman

Employee - Bryan Pittman


Employee - Bryan Pittman

We hired Bryan Pittman to head up our new department called “All Things Electrical”. While this department has some truth to it (but more humor) Bryan has such a wide ability level that it is hard to give him a title or area. As another ex-Roehrig employee we hired him knowing his
talents and he fits in perfectly to our growing company. He will be integral in All of our linear actuator development as well as provide a high level of professional electrical engineering expertise to all of our products.

The LA-48 ships out with more on the way

We shipped out our first LA-48 Linear Actuator. We think we will call them “LEA” for Linear Electric Actuator as we move forward but by any name it is a true high performance actuator.

We have fully characterized this machine and have published the documentation on our website (follow the link below). Its current velocity range is up to 5.60 Met/sec which will offer a great range for motorcycle fork testing. Force is over 18.7kN and acceleration is over 120 G’s so its not only fast but it is quick too.

We have developed the frame for strength, made the actuator mass light for performance and optimized motion for cool and quiet operation regardless of wave form. The GUI interface will please the user and bring fast and dynamic testing ability to get the most out of the machine and satisfy any user demands. Find more details through the link below: LA – 48 Product Page

CTW selling upgrades and accessories

We have opened a store on our Website (using PayPal) to sell custom made 3D printed accessories for your CTW and Roehrig Engineering machines. With two new innovations we now have a Quick Release IR-Temperature sensor holder and a Column Quick Clamp so that you never need a 3/16 allen again! We can also put logos in them for customizing your Shock Dyno!

Probe Analysis Software – Beta version is being tested now – release soon

We are Beta testing our next release right now which includes the PVP Manufacture Report. But in the mean time we did place a newer version on the website for those early machines that need to get the latest available. Its also available for viewing in Demo to get a feel for the power and GUI.

CTW Automation – Exchange page – CTW Probe Software V242.335

CTW Automation – Youtube Channel

We have a YouTube Channel for Software and Dyno training that we are adding videos as we finish them.

YouTube CTW Channel – Link

  • Creating tests
  • Using the Show Live feature
  • Filter and channel smoothing for your signals
  • Changing your stroke

With many more to come.

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