• Discover the innovative CTW new replacement for split collar - a 3D printed quick release column clamp. Effortlessly secure your crossbar without the need for an allen key! Upgrade your setup today.
  • The No-Turn clevis was designed to be used when the damper cannot be turned inside the columns of the dyno. No-Turn Clevis - side No-Turn clevis - front
  • CTW had developed the fully automated crossbar for the LA series of linear actuators.
  • Discover a wide range of brass buttons at our website. Choose from standard 0.875 or extra long 1.25 options. Find the perfect buttons for your projects today!
  • CTW Automation sells a full line of enclosures for safety and protection for the end user.
  • Find the perfect Clevis Pins for your eyelets. Our website offers a wide range of sizes and options. Sold in pairs for your convenience.
  • Explore our range of Crossbar Preload Spacers designed for 1" and 2" preload. Personalize your spacer with different colors, shaft diameters, and lettering options. Order now!
  • Explore our collection of CTW various other fixtures, including 3D printed clevis for ¼ Midget Thru Shock with steel threaded insert. Find the perfect solution for your needs today.
  • Dyno Armor

    Shield your dyno with our CTW Standard Shock Dyno protective armor. Compatible with most CTW and Roehrig Table top machines. Choose CTW for RD2 - RD3 or RD5, Roehrig for 2VS - 3VS or 5VS.
  • FAMB01

    Explore FAMB01 for top-quality main assemblies priced at $180.00 and mounting tubes at $45.00 each for various axle sizes ranging from 20 to 32 mm in diameter.
  • FAMB02

    Explore our website for top-quality FAMB02 rear damper clevis fixtures featuring a pin and brass button. Find the perfect solution for your needs today.
  • FAMS01

    Explore our website for FAMS01, offering a full set of 8 sizes for $320.00, saving $40.00. Also, check out our Universal Axle clamp used with FAMB01.
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