CTW Automation releases the latest version of CTW Probe software, Ver

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PDF Link: CTW Probe Software release for July 2023

CTW Probe About

Release Notes:

  • Feature 4698 ** Roehrig Shock6 Data File – open directly from within CTW-Probe
    • FINALLY!!! Open your old Roehrig SHock6 data files within CTW-Probe
  • User Story 4691 ** Sort data files in order opened
    • Oddly, the old method could be frustrating. Now they get listed in the order you opened them.
  • User Story 4748 ** Show Digital IO Signals in Diagnostic View
    • Sets the ability to track I/O inputs vs. time along with all the other signals
  • User Story 4692 ** ability to run a test without the “run test speed” command selected
  • User Story 4700 ** Batch together similar notifications
  • Feature 4740 ** Performance – Dramatically speed up shock report generation
    • Fast, Faster and Fastest!!
  • Feature 4740 ** Performance – Reduce memory usage of runs being plotted.
  • Feature 4740 ** Performance – Speed up file loading.
  • Bug 4715 ** LA Commands Showing up in Live View with Rotary Dyno
  • Bug 4719 ** “Unable to Set Cell Value” on clicking rod force
  • Bug 4720 ** Reset to default layout occasionally cause probe to become very slow/lockup
  • Bug 4739 ** FFT Shows Wrong Units/Magnitude
  • Bug 4752 ** GroupByArea groups not displaying

You can get the software in two (2) ways:

1: Run the “Check for Updates” within the Probe software, under Help.

2: From the Software tab of the website. Download and install directly.

CTW Software page – includes install instruction, video and more!

CTW Probe has developed into a powerful tool, well beyond Shock6. Here is a list of 34 features found on Probe that are not possible in Shock6.

CTW Probe vs Shock6 Features

Thank you,

Michael Kadlecik

Vice-President CTW Automation Inc.

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