The LA Series of actuators by CTW Automation is the ultimate in high performance electric linear motion that puts wave form creation and the resulting data collection at your fingertips. While sine waves (accelerating/de-accelerating velocity) and triangles waves (constant velocity) are standard, the LA can achieve “any wave form” drive profiles allowing you to attain a better view into your testing world. Using a simple, Windows based GUI, the User is able to build Test procedures quickly and gather data a few moments later. And because of the actuation methodology motion will be as requested and at a lower operating temperature and lower audible level.

The LA-68 is part of the “8” series of electric linear actuators with a standard 8-inch / 200 mm stroke. These have slightly less stroke than the “10” series but have a higher frequency response.

  • Usable stroke range of 8 inches / 200 mm
  • Peak force of 6,000 lbf.
  • Peak Velocity of 215 in/sec (5.50 M/sec)

LA68 Dimensional install sheet

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CTW presents the LA Series of high performance linear actuators ready to open your testing envelope to any wave form you desire.

CTW Automation’s line of LA, linear actuators, are based on an “ironless” motor design. These brushless linear servo motors provide the smoothest possible motion with zero-cogging or the force-ripple found in other solutions. This compact design places the motor (forcer) within a U-channel of rare earth magnets to form a compact and modular assembly. Because of this packaging, CTW can stack motors in parallel and allow for the addition of multiple units to generate the power required by the User. The LA series come in three standard configurations of 2, 4 and 6 motor configurations. These systems offer a wide range of dynamic forces matched with high frequency response, large strokes and very fast velocities delivered with the smoothest motion. Standard strokes are 8.0 in / 200 mm with larger strokes available.

And best of all, these systems are shipped completely ready to run; plug and play. Since every system is fully completed at CTW, the system that is shipped only needs to be connected to power and the user is ready to Test.

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