6 linear motors and 18 inches / 450 mm of travel

*Designed to cross all the ports in your 4×4, ATV, Off-Road damper and so much more!!

The LA618 comes with a fully automated crossbar that allows the user to easily clamp / unclamp the crossbar and raise / lower it as well all through a keypad interface screen. It also has (2) available speeds for movement so that large distances can be moved and then a slower, finer adjustment can be made for mounting the specimen in the test area.

The User will interface with the crossbar with the following keypad with access to various functions.

  • Motor Temperature monitor with active integrated cooling limits
  • Crossbar Status Indicator
    • Clamp / Release
    • Locked / unlock
  • Crossbar Position with User defined “zero”
  • Two-Speed control of movement
    • Fast for large travel adjustments
    • Slow for damper mounting
  • 1000 mm range of movement
  • 900 lbf of force available to compress / extend the specimen / damper

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