There is a lot going on at CTW Automation and we wanted to share some of what is going on to keep you informed and up to date. We will use this News Letter to help in that regard and let you know when things like new software updates are available, what new technologies we have and various other items of interest. Feel free to send this out to people you think you should know about CTW Automation.

New version of CTW Probe Software, 1.1.1216.0

This was first announced on our Facebook page for those that follow CTW. By using the “Check for Updates” button within the Probe Software, you will be able to update as well. There is even a guide on our website in case additional help is needed to walk you through the steps.

If you want to simply download the Software and Guide directly simply go to:

Go to the Support tab and pick Software or follow the link below.

3 Different “Actuators”

With this release, CTW can now operate three different “actuators” using our software all to help our customers test the things that need measuring.

1 – We have the CTW Probe software for the rotary actuators (crank type machine) which include CTW as well as Roehrig Engineering crank dynos. We can even retro-fit other types of crank type dynos from other manufactures with a few updates.

Here is a brand new CTW machine next to a recent Roehrig dyno update, side by side; we do them all.

2 – We have CTW Probe software to run a linear, low velocity, actuator for measuring force and displacement to generate Spring Rate graphs. And this software can be used on a Roehrig spring rater as well.

3 – We have CTW Probe software to run a high-performance linear actuator which has become our LEA series of machines (Linear Electric Actuator). This also has allowed us to run a Roehrig EMA for the first time as was demonstrated on our social media platforms and for a few exclusive visitors.

CTW Probe Software controlling a Roehrig 2K EMA


CTW Probe Software controlling a Roehrig 2K EMA

We will begin posting and updating our YouTube Channel with demonstration videos, so you can get the most out of the Software while learning on your own time.

New Low Velocity Linear Actuator

CTW has developed a low velocity linear actuator to test items such as springs, coil-over springs, elastomers and anything else you might think want. This CTW actuator allows the User to run in a displacement or force-based command while collecting data in both compression and extension so that a full view of hysteresis can be graphed and examined. With a simple addition, it will also allow for “spring smashing” so you can change your coil over spring without having to re-scale your car.

Peak force is up to 4,500 lbs. and travel is based on the customer and can be standard at 8” or up to 18” if requested with pricing varying based on stroke.

This model will also be able to be used in conjunction with current shock dynos produced by CTW as well as most Roehrig machines out there. This Dyno style Spring rater will bolt in and use the frame of the machine and load cell to provide a less expensive alternative to a pure system that will stand on its own.

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