New Release of CTW Probe Software

CTW is happy to announce the release of its latest version of CTW Probe software. While it has taken an extended period of time, this new version was a major undertaking to make sure we had a platform to move forward in the best manner. We will be moving forward using more frequent releases to develop and fully expand this software suite into the dominant player in the testing industry.

Look for videos to be released on our YouTube channel to help our customers get the most out of the software.

This version applies to anyone using a CTW Automation damper dynamometer and certain Roehrig crank dynos.

Be sure your machine is ready.

A. You must first have updated to CTW Probe version 1285 before moving forward
a. Send an e-mail to so we can get you first to 1285.
b. Call 336-542-5252 as an option

B. You should back up your settings first: File / Backup settings…..

C. Save a copy of your Test folder.

D. If you are using the Spring Rater program, do not update until notified

E. If you are not using a VFS15 motor controller, do not update until notified. This would apply to several Roehrig machines that have switched to CTW Probe but are still using older controllers like the VFS9/11

F. If you are using a LA – Linear Actuator or a Roehrig EMA please call/e-mail so we can ensure all proper items are added.

Prior to install

  • To install, have your computer connected to the internet and from the CTW Probe software:
    • Chose “File” from the tool bar, then click on “Check for updates” it should be automatic from there.
    • Choose Standard or Custom, both should work fine.
  • Keep in mind, report any issues to use via e-mail so we can get corrections into the next version.
    • Send to: and send as much information as you can so we can understand fully the problem.
  • Also, if your computer is connected to the internet, any crashes will be reported directly to the CTW Software Engineering Team.
  • The next version should be released in 3 weeks as we continue to add features and correct issues.

List of Features and Fixes in this version


  1. Diagnostic mode (which is a feature that allows for viewing the signals vs. time).
    a. Can be executed more than once per software opening
    b. Now allows for using metric units when the User requests
  2. Tree in “Test Data” tab that keeps all PVP runs grouped with the PVP composite graph.
    a. You can also group by any category listed in the fields
    b. You can sort by test speeds, frequency or any field listed
  3. Live data performance improved, runs longer.
    a. Live data does not require as much memory which led to issues with the software and computer
    b. Rod Force works in the Live Screen
    c. Smoothing is applied
  4. Program now opens and installs faster.
  5. Notes in the report are no longer sticky, note section is clean with every new report.
  6. Allows Probe to run Rei EMA dyno on NServo.
  7. Corrects bug in report where the displayed graph is clipped.
  8. Program no longer skips back to test execute column while a test is running and changing speeds. This was a problem when user was trying to view data while a test was executing.

Bug Fixed

  1. Fixes bug were screen layout would not hold
    a. The screen should be saved when you exit and return to the software
  2. Fixes bug where auto scale sticks on largest test file in data tab list, click apply in scaling to reset.
  3. Open data now opens to the last folder used.
  4. Fixes bug , reset actuator button would not reset machine controller.
  5. Fixes issues running very low amplitude test on LA dynos.
  6. Fixes issue with clipping wrong for PVP graph.
  7. Allows user to name MCVP or PVP runs using the “run name” item in test velocity command.
  8. Repairs memory leak problem that caused the computer to lock up if program was left open too long.
  9. Repairs bug that only one file can be open at a time in diagnostics.
  10. Repairs data card drop out issues on RD dynos.
  11. Fixes bug were using the “abort” button on test executor would lock up the program.


  1. Export directly to a MATLAB file
  2. Export directly to Excel file, use ctl/shift keys to export multiple files at one time.

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