Our Mission

CTW Automation grew out of the ashes of what was Roehrig Engineering. We built the industry standard shock dyno testing equipment for the racing community and then provided the best customer support on the planet. Now, with all ex-Roehrig employees we are building a new generation of testing equipment including shock dynos and electric linear actuators to fit your needs and exacting requirements. We make a wide variety of crank type shock dynos as well as a broad range of electric linear actuators capable of high force, high velocities and very high frequency response.

We are fully capable of servicing all types of damper and spring testing equipment, including Roehrig shock dynos and EMAs, and will be quickly ready to upgrade your software as well to the next generation of CTW Shock Testing and Control Software.

Our Members

Scott Treichler / President

Michael “Dover” Kadlecik / Vice President

Scott Perman / Head Engineer

Bryan Pittman / Sr. Electrical Engineer

Chris Bristol / Engineer

Zach Sink / Construction

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